Foot Feet Food

FOOT 👣 that travels ✈️ thousands FEET away 🌏 in search of yummy 🍜🤤 FOOD


Philosophy behind the name of “Foot Feet Food”

The tagline might explains a bit, but here is why…

The root of name inspiration comes from “FOOTPRINTS”, but of course too many people have used this name and the easy to remember and makes sense ones is no longer available. So, what’s close to “footprints”? Well, it is the prints of the steps of our feet, so here comes the integrated words of Foot and Feet. And then why Food? Well, perhaps it’s obvious enough that the posts are mostly about food because, who doesn’t like food? Right!? So, yep, that’s how the word “Food” came up.

However, it is still uneasy to accept the double words of “Foot” and “Feet” together, so in this case the words were swifted a bit to “Foot” as 👣 and “Feet” as a distance measurement. And “Food” stays as food. 🤓

I hope the explanation is clear enough! If you fancy for anything else, please do not hesitate to be in touch by email to or Instagram @footfeetfood or Twitter @footfeetfood.