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The Mac Factory London

The Mac Factory London

The Mac Factory London. I’ve spotted this place few months ago near Euston Square Station but never had the time to really stopped by. Until one day, I saw the video posted by Food Insider on Facebook that instantly drooled me up and that’s it, there is no way for me to keep postponing, and I went right away to grab these cheesy Mac n’ Cheese near Euston Square Station.

I reached the place just few minutes past 7pm. In which, they apparently have happy hour everything’s £5 from 5-7pm. Just not my luck! However, they do have All Day Meal Deal for any pot of Mac with a drink for only £7.50. The normal price of each pot is vary between £6.20 – £7.65.

We had “Hey Mac-Arena” and “Mambo Italiano”. I liked them both. They have a totally different taste style. The former is more like Mexican Chilli Beef thingy. To me, it has stronger taste compared to the “Mambo Italiano”. On the other hand, the latter was a bit lighter and creamy cheesy. So, both has the same tastiness level to me but in different way.

“Hey Mac-Arena” is basically consists of super cheesy macaroni, Smokey Chipotle beef chilli con carne, 3 pieces of tortilla chips, jalapeños, and sour cream on top. While “Mambo Italiano” consists of super cheesy macaroni, smoked pancetta, wild mushroom and garlic.

The Menu
The Menu

We had our Mac n’ Cheese to eat there. The place is very tiny, but the design was nice. It looks more like retro style. They have outside seating too for the smokers or people who’d like to enjoy the rare sunny day in London.

To be honest, I feel like the price was quite high for a Macaroni and Cheese, but it is worth to try for once a while. So far I know, they also have another branch in Camden Town. If you are around N1 area, why not give it a try? Please note that the one near Euston Square Station only opens from Monday to Friday until 8pm.


The Mac Factory London

152-156 North Gower Street

London NW1 2LU


Vary between £6.20 – £7.65

Happy hour 5-7pm for £5

All Deal Meal Deal (Any pot with a drink) £7.50

Opening Time: Monday – Friday 11am – 8pm


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