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The Easiest Way to Escape Hectic London for a Nice Beach Pampers: Visit BRIGHTON

The Easiest Way to Escape Hectic London for a Nice Beach Pampers: Visit BRIGHTON

Brighton. One of the very famous seafront-cities in the UK. Located just by the south part of the UK, about an hour train away from St. Pancras International Station, London.

Brighton is very famous amongst young people because it’s sort of a UK party zone. The city is occupied by many local artists. There are plenty of local art exhibitions all year long. Brighton is beautiful in summer and also in the winter. However, due to UK weather, summer is the best time to visit Brighton.

There are trains go to Brighton every hour from St. Pancras International Rail Station, London. The return tickets from London St. Pancras International to Brighton on the weekends and public holidays are only £12 for adults.

What to do in Brighton?

Although Brighton is mostly famous by its beach (unfortunately it’s a rocky beach, not sandy ones), but there are plenty other things to do in Brighton other than chilling out at the beach!

A Cute Piano Player in Brighton
A Cute Piano Player in Brighton


1. Museums and Art Galleries

There are plenty of museums and local art galleries to visit in Brighton. Some of the major museums are Brighton Fishing Museum (free entry), Royal Pavilion, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Old Police Cells Museum, and many more.

There are also many local art galleries that you can easily randomly find at almost every corner of the street in Brighton.



As a seafront-city, seafood is undoubtedly the best food to crave for in Brighton. It is definitely true! There are many places offering very good and fresh seafood, whether it is a restaurant of a small stall by the beach.

We went to one very good seafood restaurant that serves a giant shared-plate of seafood mix! There are options to have them cold or hot. The restaurant details are available at the end of this post. 🙂

Other than seafood, another main reason my partner and I keep visiting Brighton is the bakery! We’re an absolute bakery lover (especially my partner). We found one of the best pastries store (almost as perfect as the ones in France) just at the corner of one of main street in Brighton. It’s called, “Real Patisserie”. They really are the real pastry store!

The Real Patisserie in Brighton
The Real Patisserie in Brighton

3. BEACH baby!

Having a nice nap at the beach? Sounds amazing! Although the beach is rocky, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a relaxing sun bath. Just bring some cloth or anything to cover the rock and enjoy the small rocks as some kind of natural massage. 😛

There is also a place called, “Brighton Pier”, just by the beach. It has a mini amusement park and a small casino place.

Visit Brighton in Winter time?

It’s not a bad idea to visit Brighton in the winter, especially near Christmas. Because there will be bunch of beautiful winter lights you can enjoy and an out-door ice rink just nearby the iconic Royal Pavilion. Just to be aware not to stay near the pier or beach in winter time as it often has very big and dangerous waves.

Guess, that’s all about Brighton I can share with you! Happy planning and enjoy your time there! 🙂


How to get to Brighton?

From London by train from St. Pancras International Rail Station (runs every hour)
Returns tickets: £12/adult


Recommended Seafood Restaurant in Brighton:

The Regency Restaurant
131 Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2HH

Opening hours: Everyday (Monday to Sunday) from 8am to 10:30pm


Recommended Bakery in Brighton:

The Real Patisserie
43 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4ED

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 7am – 4pm

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