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The Best Croissant in Paris? Or is it not?

The Eiffle TowerParis. What is the first thing pops in your mind when you hear, “Paris”? I believe most people would think about Eiffel tower or romance. However, it is not to me. The first and the only thing in my head when I was planning for my Paris trip was, “THE BEST CROISSANT!!” And yup, I literally googled “The best croissant in Paris” instantly. My itinerary? Each day of my time in Paris always has croissant hunting session. 😃

So, what google says about the best croissant in Paris? It showed me quite bit of lists, but I chose the one from Timeout instead.


Timeout listed 10 of them and from their top 5 croissant places in Paris, I went to 3 of them. And of course, my priority was to go to their top list first, “Des Gâteaux et du Pain”. It is located at Pasteur, Paris 15eme.

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The description of croissants from Des Gâteaux et du Pain on Timeout post was almost 100% accurate, except they didn’t mentioned about the unfriendly staff. Yup, they do have really good pastries and cakes, but unfortunately it doesn’t go with friendly attitude from the staff. I am sorry to say, but to me the staff was very cold and arrogant. I was unpleased with the service at all and won’t come back even it was considered as the best croissant I had in Paris.

However, I do have my own favourite pastry place in Paris that located just across my hotel in République area called, “Du Pain et des Idées”, which according to Timeout post it was voted as the 2nd best croissant, but, however, I apparently have same taste with google that put this pastry place at the top list. 😉

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Other than hunting for the best croissants in Paris, we also went for local pastries tasting. My favourite was Chocolate Flan from a small local Pâtisserie in Boulevard Pasteur area, Paris 15eme.

Want to know more about Flan? Click here to go to my next post!


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