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Smithfield 150 Festival – The Biggest and The Oldest Meat Market in London and EU!

Smithfield 150 Festival – The Biggest and The Oldest Meat Market in London and EU!


Hurray hurray! Weekend is here again!

Let’s look back to my last week’s long weekends. Before I started my long weekends, I have shared a post to of places, festivals, and carnivals you can attend to fill-up your schedule during the bank holiday. One of the festivals on the list was Smithfield 150 Festival. I will share my experience in Smithfield 150 festival here!

What is Smithfield 150 Festival? As mentioned on my last post, Smithfield 150 Festival is the celebration of 150th anniversary of Smithfield Market.

Smithfield Market is one of the oldest and the biggest meat market in the UK and in Europe. It is located near Farringdon, just at the heart of City of London. The meat trading itself has been happening in Smithfield Market for more than 800 years ago! The market was eventually closed in 1855. However, the market was officially re-opened again in 1868.

Smithfield 150 Festival took place on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August 2018. Although it was heavy raining on Saturday when I was there, but it didn’t stop people from coming to the Smithfield 150 Festival.

Food Stalls at Smithfield 150
Food Stalls at Smithfield 150

There were a lot of food stalls with very long queue, a live music stage, a roller blades rink, and kids’ playground. It was one very much family-friendly festival! I even had this cute stylish dog posed for me. 😀

It was really nice to be there. If you didn’t go there last weekends, then you should wait for more years to come for the next celebration! 😀

Don’t worry, there are plenty of festivals and celebration in London all year long! You just need to keep update-to-date with all the events. I will try my best to help you keep updated too!

Even if there was no celebration at this market, it is still worth to visit too due to its historical value. Come and get the feeling to be the part of London’s oldest market!

Whilst visiting Smithfield Market, you can add Barbican, St Paul’s Cathedral, and St Bartholomew’s Hospital on your itinerary to visit them together in the same day as they’re next to each other.

Smithfield Market
London, EC1A 9PS


Opening times: MONDAY to FRIDAY from 2am, closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

The nearest tube stations are Farringdon and Barbican – both are only a few minutes walk.

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