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Seville, Spain: The Breath-taking Plaza de España

Seville, Spain: The Breath-taking Plaza de España

Travel Tuesday! Looking back to our early summer holidays in Spain, we visited 3 cities in Southern Spain; Malaga, Gradana, and Seville. Seville is my favourite city so far!

Seville is not only a very beautiful city with its old building and scenic view, but it’s also the city where you can find a very delicious food with a local price (not tourist price)! And the portion? It’s massive! Our recommended place to eat is in a fancy food court with a river view called, “Mercado Lonja Del Barranco” located at Calle Arjona, s/n, 41001 Sevilla, Spain. This place opens until 12am. The place looks very neat and fancy, but surprisingly they have really reasonable prices! It’s worth to try! 🙂

Although Seville is known by its famous Metropol Parasol and Cathedral, but my favourite place in Seville is Plaza de España. This place is just such a beautiful and breath-taking historical building!

Plaza de España is a must visit place in Seville, Spain. Even if you’re visiting another city in South Spain, you should still arrange time to visit Seville. I promise it will be one of your best experience in Spain! Totally worth to visit!

Plaza de España is a historical landmark of Spain built in 1928. The place is open 24 hours, but it’s best to visit is in Spring to Summer during the day when the sun is up, so you can enjoy and admire the architecture at the most.

You can rent a small boat to row around and enjoy the lovely Flamenco dance in the building under the shades when you feel enough of the direct sun heat! The place is an open-space without any fan or aircon, so it’s better to bring water with you or portable fan as in the temperature can be very high.

Flamenco Dance – Plaza de Espana

It is located at Av de Isabel la Católica, 41004 Sevilla, Spain. Basically, Seville is not a very big city, so you can just walk around to here and there. I suggest staying here for max of 3 days.

The best time to visit Seville is in April, when they have the “Seville April Fair”, where you will see many women and girls wear Flamenco dresses. However, I went to Spain in May and they apparently also had a celebration day called the “Crosses of May Festival” or in Spanish they called it, “Cruses Mayo”. This event lasted for about a week.

Another interesting fact about Spain, in the spring to summer, they have a longer lunch break that takes at least for 2 hours called, “Siesta Time”. It’s basically means a nap time! Within ‘siesta’ time, all stores will close, and the city will look like a dead city! The reason behind this ‘siesta’ time is apparently to avoid mid-day heat as it could be very very very extremely hot in South Spain during the summer.

Gelato in Seville

Does this city sound interesting to you? Perhaps you can now start planning for your next early summer holiday to Seville, Spain!

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