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London’s Must Visit: Columbia Road Flower Market

London’s Must Visit: Columbia Road Flower Market

Perhaps, buying plants or flowers in the pot is not the best idea for travellers, but going to London’s most iconic flower market just to enjoy the atmosphere is not a sin. 😉

Columbia Road Flower Market is one of the must visit places when in London. It has a very important value to London history. It was established first time in 1869.

It is located near Hackney area of East London (just off Hackney Road). The nearest station is Hoxton overground station and Bethnal Green underground station (central line). It is a weekly market that opens on Sunday only from 8am to 3pm. Make sure you don’t go there too late!

The market is not only selling various types of plants and flowers, but there are also some cute and ‘artistic’ stores and also coffee shops for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. There is a vintage market nearby that has some small bites and speciality olives stalls.

Cute Store at Columbia Road Flower Market


I am personally not a fan of cut flowers (because it’s killing them), but I do love plants and flowers that still stick into the ground, or at least in a pot. In this market, you can find almost any kind of plants, whether in a pot or cut with a really good deal. Well, I hope they will reduce the amount of cut flowers. It is better to come a little bit just past noon, because many stalls will give you even better offers.

Many of the flower stalls accept major cards payments, so no need to carry much of cash. However, the food stalls mostly only accept cash, so you can bring a bit of changes for the small bites or a coffee from the stall, not from the coffee shop. If you’re a happy go party person, you might be delighted with the “Sangria” stalls that is ready to serve you alcohol before afternoon!

The last but not least, be prepared with the crowd! The market is extremely crowded!

Flower Market Crowd
Flower Market Random Street Art

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