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Hong Kong Authentic Dim Sum

Hong Kong Authentic Dim Sum

You haven’t experienced the real Hong Kong yet if you haven’t eat their traditional authentic Dim Sum! What’s so special about Dim Sum in Hong Kong? First of all, it’s very obvious that Dim Sum is a very well known dish comes from the region of China, which is basically Hong Kong Island is part of its region. 👀

I was very lucky having a very good local Hong Kong friend who knows where to take me for a super yummy, non-disappointing guaranteed, food places. On my 2nd day in Hong Kong, she took me to one of the very famous Dim Sum place in Hong Kong. You will see a long queue even it wasn’t at the peak eating hours!! But the queue was really worth it! It didn’t take long time for us to get in.

Apparently the menu was in Cantonese! Yeahhhh!! I was totally blind! 😆 Luckily, I have my friend whose mother tongue language is Cantonese, so it wasn’t an issue for us. But if you don’t have any local friend, then just ask the waitress. They do speak English quite well.

The Menu

How the menu works is very easy. They will directly hand you one piece of paper menu, where you just need to add number of portions you’d like to order on each dish. While waiting for your orders, they will serve a lovely looking of traditional ceramics small bowls and chopsticks with a pot of hot tea. This hot tea is not for drink, but instead it’s for washing your bowls! It was indeed one unique experience. 😁

We had Shrimp Hakau or also known as Har Gow (the white steamed dumplings), Cheung Fun, Chicken Feet, Sticky Rice in Pandan Leave, and Beef Knuckle in curry.

Dim Sum
Dim Sum

My favourite Dim Sum is Shrimp Hakau and Cheung Fun.

My Favourite Dim Sum
My Favourite Dim Sum

Below is a portion of steamed chicken feet. I’m telling you it’s not as gross as it’s sound. You really have to try it to know how good it is!! It’s also high of calcium!

Steamed Chicken Feet

Old Fung Tea House
66 Tai Tong Road
Yuen Long
Hong Kong

From HK$14-28 (£1.78 – £2.77)


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