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Have you tried a very yummy Singaporean style Fish Balls in London?

Have you tried a very yummy Singaporean style Fish Balls in London?

Old Chang Kee London

Just a while ago, I was suddenly thinking about Old Chang Kee and wish I could have it here. Unexpectedly, few days later when I was randomly walking around Covent Garden towards Chinatown, I spotted a very familiar name of Old Cang Kee! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was like, is it real!?!?!? So, I rushed into this tiny Asian style canteen and asked if they are the branch of original Old Chang Kee from Singapore, and yes, they are!

Old Chang Kee is a Singaporean traditional food stall speciality in Singaporean hot food traditional snacks, especially curry puffs. Old Chang Kee is very famous in Singapore and Indonesia. It is my most favourite street food snacking place. However, my favourite is not their famous curry puffs, but instead their super yummy fried fish balls!!!

I am very fussy with my food. It has to be perfect. Especially with fish balls. Most of fish balls out there are disgusting. Yes. It is that bad. Because most of fish balls producers put much more flour or water instead of the fish, so you can’t really feel the fish, even worse, the fish balls are chewy and oily. It really is disgusting. Old Chang Kee, on the other hand, is different. They do care about food quality. Their fish balls are the most perfect fish balls I have ever eaten other than fish balls from Hong Kong Mongkok street food market.

Apparently, Old Chang Kee has just opened their London branch about 3 months ago. The concept of their London branch is a bit different with the ones in Indonesia, it is not a food stall, but it is a small restaurant. Well, can’t really call it restaurant though. It’s more like a small canteen with a touch of old Asian culture atmosphere.

Old Chang Kee London branch is located near Leicester Square and Covent Garden tube station. They are not only serving small bites and snacks, but they also have main dish, such as Noodle soup and rice meals.

When I went there, I had the famous Singapore Laksa and of course my all-time favourite Fish Balls. The Singapore Laksa was for £8.50 and the 3 big pieces fish balls was for £1.50.

Their Singapore Laksa was really good, although the portion was a bit small for that price and it’s not as spicy as I thought. I think they have adjusted the spiciness level to the European standard. Furthermore, they gave us free 1 curry puffs for each purchase of a main dish. That was a quite good offer.

Curious enough to give it a try? It’s good to have some Asian food alternatives.

15a New Row, London WC2N 4PD

Opening times: Monday to Sunday (everyday) from 11am – 9pm

Too lazy to travel? Don’t worry because they are on Deliveroo too! Even better, there is no minimum order! Click here for Deliveroo and take a look on their menu here:

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