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Flan. It’s a yummy French soft cake, not a metal disc! 😝

I honestly never heard of “Flan” before my trip to Paris. Thanks to Paris patisseries, my dessert knowledge is now expanding! 😁

For those who doesn’t know yet, according to Google dictionary Flan is, “a baked dish consisting of an open-topped pastry case with a savoury or sweet filling”.

Almost every patisserie in Paris has lots of variant of Flan. Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, rhubarb, and any other flavours you can think of. Savoury flans are also available but somehow I had no interest to try any of them. 😋

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When I was in Paris, I tried those 4 flavours I have mentioned above. I liked them all, but my most favourite was the chocolate one.The chocolate was so thick and not too sweet as I think it was dark chocolate, not milk chocolate.

Chocolate Flan
Chocolate Flan


I am actually still craving for Flan until now I’m back in London. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any good flan place here yet. If you know the yummy Flan place in London, please share with me. 🙃

I was wondering if Flan is one of French traditional dessersts because it seems more popular than croissants in Paris. However, according to Google, it’s not an original French traditional. Flan was discovered during the Ancient Romans age that later on spread to Spain, England, and France. So that, I believe there should be good Flan somewhere here in London.

The name of Flan comes from the Old French, “flaon”, in which could also be described as custard. In my opinion, flan is more like solid custard cake with solid pastry base. Or perhaps you can have an egg tart, then imagine it shaped like a normal round cake size (not mini tart) and a little bit softer pastry base compared to egg tarts. 😆

If you had the chance to visit Paris, I really recommend you hunt for Flan. Especially the chocolate ones! Don’t forget to go to the traditional bakery shops instead of the modern or franchise ones. Traditional is always much better! IMHO.

Happy Flan hunting!

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