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Exploring South London: The Huge, Beautiful, and Relaxing Brockwell Park

Exploring South London: The Huge, Beautiful, and Relaxing Brockwell Park

On Saturday, I start feeling confused choosing a place to spend the surprising sunny weekend. Kinda bored with places in central London. Moreover, I can imagine how packed the parks would be as it was one very rare sunny and warm day in October. So, my partner and I decided to jump into a random train from St. Pancras station and just randomly get off.

The train we took was going towards Sutton (South Bound). Still haven’t decided where to get off, while the train was moving, we start googling each of its stops. The lucky station was Herne Hill Railway Station.

I heard a lovely piano melody just when approaching the exit gate. There was a man playing the public piano at the station. I believe that was an early good sign of visiting a nice area.

There were many nice looking local coffee shops and bars nearby the station. We walked around the neighbourhood and we found one very big local park called Brockwell Park. We decided to buy some snacks and drinks for us to chill out in the park under the warm sun.

Picnic at the park
Picnic at the park

Brockwell Park is located at Norwood Road, within SE24 area of South London. It really is one very huge park as according to Wikipedia the park is a 50.8-hectare park! :O

The park was so nice. Many people in the park but it didn’t seem packed due to its huge size. The park is dog friendly as well. It has a beautiful refreshing green view of the grass and trees and also has a scene of central London’s skyscrapers.

If you’re bored with parks within Central London, Brockwell Park could be your option! 🙂

The neighbourhood seems very family-friendly. Not only there were many people went out with their young children, but there is also a Children Café where young children, as young as babies, can hangout and socialise with the other children of their age.

There is also a very interesting all occasion cake store where you can order a customised-design cakes. So, celebrating your kid’s birthday around this area sounds like a very good idea.

Brockwell Park
Norwood Road, London, SE24 9BJ

Nearest station: Herne Hill Railway Station

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