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Eating a Super Juicy Burger in a Container Box? It is a REAL thing!

Eating a Super Juicy Burger in a Container Box? It is a REAL thing!

Fancy to eat a mega-sized juicy burger in a container box? Yes, in a CONTAINER BOX! Please, follow my lead for your curiosity…

The burgers were so delish with its juicy beef and melted cheese. There were 3 types of burgers; Black Bear, The Classic, and Brisket.

The Black Bear Burger has Beef, Cheese, Onion Jam, and Garlic Mayo. (£7.50)
The Classic Burger has a bit more contents than the Black Bear Burger, it has Beef patty with Steak Seasoning, Cheese, Bacon, Honey Mustard Mayo, and Onion. (Reg: £7.50, Large: £9.50)
The last but not least, and the one I had last night was The Brisket. It was the most tempting ones – according to me. It has Beef, Cheese, 12hrs Beer Braised Brisket, Pink Pickled Onions, and Garlic Mayo. (£8.50)

Black Bear Brisket Burger

To complete your satisfaction, not only yummy burgers will spoil you there, but also the unique dining experience inside a stack of container boxes! The Black Bear Burger is a tenant of the famous Boxpark Shoreditch. It is located on the 1st floor inside Boxpark. For those who don’t know what and where Boxpark is, it is one of a very iconic places in London. It is very eye catchy that you can spot it easily from the distance. It’s literally a building that was built by piles of container boxes. It’s located at Shoreditch, just next to Shoreditch High Street Overground Station. The nearest underground station is Old Street.

Shoreditch is a very active nightlife neighbourhood in London. It is one of my favourites nightlife area because, firstly, it’s not a tourist-centred area like Soho. Secondly, each the pub and bar in this area presents a very unique theme and identity that differentiates them from the others. Thirdly, it has a very strong young and friendly party vibes.

If London is in your travel destination list, don’t forget to visit Shoreditch! Best time to visit is Friday and Saturday evening.

The Black Bear Burger
Boxpark Shoreditch, 10 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6GY

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 12am to 10pm

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