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Dinerama – Dine + Panorama?

Dinerama – Dine + Panorama?

Another creative drink and dining place in Shoreditch area that could be your next hangout favourite spot! Again, it’s inspired by the creativity of containers art concept. Piles of containers stack on each other with creative gravity to give such a ‘street art’ atmosphere.

Dinerama is the place where you can find lines of amazingly tempting street food, bar, liquor stalls, and wine lounge. Click here for a full list of eat and drinks in Dinerama.

There are choices of different atmosphere you can choose:
1. Casual food court ambient at the ground floor

2. Open-space smoking area at the 1st floor balcony
3. Cosy-homy couch at the 1st floor bar
4. Fancy and elegant wine bar at the 1st floor

There is a £5 entrance fee if you go there after 7pm.

We went there just before 7pm, so we got in free of entrance fee. We were not very hungry that time, but the food stalls in there somehow made me crave so badly that I want to eat them all! There was a drooling steak, but I was too full for that, so I decided to have “Ponco Fries” instead.

Pocho Fries at Dinerama
Pocho Fries at Dinerama

Pocho Fries is not some ordinary plain French fries, but it’s super yummy French fries with slices of tender beef, sour cream sauce, jalapenos, and tons of spring onions. 🤤 It was the best fries I have ever had!

We had Pocho Fries with beer and cider while waiting for another friend of us to come. Even though we’re not hungry, but sitting amongst delish street food stall somehow just make my mouth keep drooling and drooling screaming to be fed. Next bites was Chipuffalo, 5 pieces of spicy chicken wings with buffalo sauce, chipotle, coriander, picked celery, truffled blue cheese dip from Thunderbird.

Chipuffalo from Thunderbird at Dinerama
Chipuffalo from Thunderbird at Dinerama

The food prices in general are between £6 – £10. 💷 It’s not cheap, but it’s okay for such hangout place. I would say this place is totally worth to visit!

19 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3EJ

Nearest station?
Shoreditch High Street, Old Street, and Liverpool Street Station.

Autumn Opening times:
Wednesday – Saturday from 17:00 ‘til late
Sunday – Tuesday Closed

Best time to visit?
Before 7pm

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