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Amazing Food, Shopping Centre, and Nightlife Spot inside Containers?

Amazing Food, Shopping Centre, and Nightlife Spot inside Containers?

The amazingly delicious juicy burger inside piles of container on my last post has brought me to post more about the place called, Boxpark. However, on my way back home today, while walking through Regent’s Canal, I spotted another pile of containers, which was not a hangout place, but instead it’s a complex of mini offices for start-ups! Perhaps, containers are now a new big artistic thing! Let’s dive more into these two unique buildings.

Boxpark Shoreditch

Boxpark Shoreditch is very hard to be missed, as the building shape is very eye-catchy, the location is very noticeable, moreover, if you’re at Shoreditch area in the evening, you definitely won’t miss this place because of its lightings, the crowd, and the loud music.

Boxpark is some kind of a new type of shopping centre that focused on the nightlife of young sociable Londoners. At day time, other than plenty options of food and drinks, there are many other stores where you can get fancy outfit, stationary, glasses, doughnuts, froyo, ice cream, and backpacks. At late night, the place only available for eat certain food and drinks. Don’t worry, you still have many options of food until 10pm, such as juicy burgers, falafel, meaty wraps, the vegan food, bubble tea, and bubble waffles.



I personally never been here, but the building appearance stole my attention instantly. At first, I thought it was sort of mini studio apartments complex, but then when I googled it, I just found out that Containerville is a creative workspace for star-up companies.

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