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£3.50 MEAT Shawarma in Central London… and it’s deliciously super good!

£3.50 MEAT Shawarma in Central London… and it’s deliciously super good!

Sounds too good to be true? Nope, you’re not dreaming! It is TRUE!! 🤗

Central London is surrounded by many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants that drain your wallet, well it’s not the story anymore!

This gem is located between Queensway and Bayswater Underground Station. It’s only going to charge you as much as £3.50 for a regular lamb or chicken Shawarma (to me the regular size is too big). Not only that, you will also get a free bowl of salad! If you can’t decide between Lamb or Chicken, you can also get them mixed for £4.50 only! If the regular portion is not enough for you, you can go large for £5.

This place always has a long queue. Well, no wonder why! However, the queue never lasts too long because they serve the customer very efficiently quickly.

Once you placed your order, they will directly prepare it. Especially for Shawarma, they will put all the chosen meat inside the home made ‘bread’ and then toast them like a panini. Then, they will fill the toasted Shawarma with salad and the sauce (some kind of garlic mayo). When paying, they will ask if you want an extra bowl for salad. It is free and you just need to help yourself to fill the small box with the salad and jalapeños pickles.

Other than Shawarma, they also have Kebab with rice for £5.50 and selections of soft drinks and water.

Sounds good? What are you waiting for? Just get yourself there now!

The Taza Sandwich
35A Queensway, London, W2 4QJ

Opens everyday from 9AM to Midnight.


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